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A planners worst nightmare… running out of food! Plan ahead and plan smart! | Jenny’s Eventing Essentials @JenniferWykstra

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Wedding By Color

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The Incredible Sometimes Edible Egg

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Drinks for Drinkers

Via: Drinks for Drinkers

Some tasty (alcoholic) drinks to provide at your event!

Jenny’s Eventing Essentials | @JenniferWykstra

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Colors for Events

Event Colors

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Coordinate your event color with the effects it has!

Jenny’s Eventing Essentials | @JenniferWykstra

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Must Know Monday: Planning Basics


Great visual to stay organized and remember whats important in event planning!

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Spring Wedding Trends 2013

By: Jennifer Wykstra

Spring has come and love is in the air! As you are preparing for your wedding or just an avid wedding stalker like me, here are some of the top wedding themes that keep popping up this spring!

1. Colors

Emerald, being the color of the year is a favorite among brides this spring. These gorgeous wedding color is a hit both inside and outside with the elegance vs nature versatility.

We are also seeing a lot more yellow and gray among brides. Personally I am a huge fan of the dark and light grey. I love the groom in a dark grey suit rather then black and grey bridesmaid dresses makes for  a simple yet elegant look. The yellow accent is beautiful but could very easily be overdone. You want to be careful with the yellow color to make sure your wedding doesn’t turn into a highlighter look.


And finally my personal favorite is coral. Especially this spring I have seen this being paired up with a blue or turquoise making for a gorgeous appearance. I love the added blue because it makes for a more fun and relaxed feel and helps the wedding not look so pink and girly.


2. Backless dresses

 You cannot talk about weddings without talking about the dress! This spring there are a lot of backless wedding dresses, a personal favorite of mine. I mean, I do love the traditional strapless gown, but I think people tend to underestimate the beauty and hint of sexiness found in a woman’s back. I LOVE this trend and hope it continues!

backless-unknown-2 backless-gown-delphine-manivet

3. Miss matched bridesmaid dresses

Another very fashionable trend for the more informal weddings are miss matched bridesmaid dresses. I love the contrast they give to the picture and is also a nice way to make sure your bridesmaids look their best. Not all body types fit into the same style dress so I love this new trend.


4. You are not invited…

 A trend I am hoping will go out of style very fast is the trend of un-invites. Brides this spring have decided it is the ‘new, cool, thing’ to send out invitations to the people they don’t want to invite. To me this seems juvenile and childish. Talk about reverting back to high school, better yet middle school. You can read more about this  new wedding trend.

5. Grooms pictures

Groomsmen always seem to find a way to make everyone laugh and lighten the mood,  this spring is no different. A common picture theme I am finding this spring involves the groom and all of his men. It makes for a hilarious and mood lightening shot, capturing the fun involved in a wedding, when the groom and his men imitate the bride and her bridesmaids.


6. Colorful Wedding Cakes

Last but certainly not least is the cake. This trend is taking the traditional, layered, white wedding cake and adding a splash of color and spazam to it. I love this idea but unless you know someone in the business cake can get really pricey!


from Taylor’s Cakes

Whether stalking weddings online, attending them or planning one, these are some of the top trends to look out for this Spring. What other trends are you seeing in the wedding scene this Spring?

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Wedding Timeline from DIYBride

Wedding Timeline from DIYBride

Be organized, be efficient, plan.

Jenny’s Eventing Essentials | @JenniferWykstra

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Top 9 Events to Follow this Summer

By Jennifer Wykstra

Hello everyone and happy follow Friday! In celebration of my first blog post in the event planning world I thought it only fitting that I tell you guys the top events I will be following this summer. As an event planning hopeful, I urge you to do the same! Consider it research, or just an excuse to watch fabulous events. Also I would love to hear about events going on around you, or which events are your favorite to watch over the summer!

Kentucky Derby: May 4th

That is right ladies, pull out those enormous hats and kick off this event watching season in style! From the hats to the roses to the horses, this is by far one of my favorite events to watch (and hopefully one day attend) over the summer. It is easy to see that an immense amount of planning went into this event and perfected the combination of style and class with a sporting event. Watch and be inspired!

Indy 500: May 26th 

Now this may be the exact opposite of the Kentucky Derby. Not a whole lot of class goes into Nascar Racing however you cannot deny that it is a spectacular event. I am not a huge Nascar fan, however I have learned to appreciate their events. What makes this event so successful is the crowd. So much enthusiasm, culture, personality and well beer makes this event something to be reckoned with.

Country Music Festival: June 6th– 9th

I am a huge country music fan so the CMA’s are something I look forward to every year. I love the music, the dresses and the whole atmosphere, classy yet laid back in country western fashion. It is a more glamorous event that you can really appreciate the detail that goes into setting it up. I also love it for its atmosphere, something that is so hard to control at an event, yet so impactful for an event to be successful!

Arts and Crafts Festivals

These festivals happen all over the United States and to me are one of my highlights of the summer. Not all events have to be glamorous with national coverage; these classic events consist of a lot of set up work but end up being a great time. What I love most about Arts and Craft Festivals are how they involve the community and really get people outside and appreciating the town they live in! They are also a great way to bring awareness to different businesses and create relationship.

Baseball Games

I cannot think summer without thinking of baseball. These games are more than just games, they truly are an entertaining events.  Fenway Park is my absolute favorite baseball park, not only because Boston plays there (Go Red Sox), but because of the culture and essence that surrounds the entire game. They incorporate the crowd into the show which makes the event so successful.

Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is of course a day to look forward to all summer. If you are not kicking back and hosting your own party there are always tons of events and celebrations attend.  There are two Fourth of July events I hope to attend at some point in my life, one in Washington DC and the other in Boston. These are both huge celebrations with masses of people, huge firework displays, as well as many activities to participate in. The Fourth of July is always a successful event and great time to celebrate with friends and family.

Cheyenne Frontier Days: July 18-28

As I said earlier I am a huge country western fan so naturally the Cheyenne frontier days are on my radar this summer. Not only do you enjoy awesome concerts by big named artists there is a rodeo, there is a carnival, there are cowboys and there is beer. What more do you need at an event?!

Oktoberfest: September 21st

Another awesome event that happens all over the United States, and if there isn’t one near you, maybe you should think about creating one is Oktoberfest. Okay, so it is not really during the summer but such an awesome event I always can’t wait to experience. Oktoberfest originally started in Munich Germany celebrating the 12th marriage of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig to the Saxon-Hildburghausen Princess Therese. The citizens of Munich were invited to join in the festivities which were held over a period of five days (now that is a wedding!) It has turned more into a celebration of the German culture and beer. There are always fun activities (that usually have to do with beer), great food such as sausage and pretzels and a huge turnout of people because, come on, who doesn’t want to have a reason to dress up and drink!?


And finally last but certainly not least I look forward to the weddings! I always love seeing the pictures and snapshots of the celebrities getting married. I love hearing about the massive amount of money that they spent on it which is more than I could even dream of making in 5 years. I also enjoy my friends and families weddings that always inspire my eventing ideas. And I’m not going to lie, ever since the movie Wedding Crashers I have always wanted to crash a wedding, but don’t think I ever could, I would feel too bad!

But there you have it, the events I look most forward to each summer! Now it is your turn, what events can you not wait for this summer?

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